These Kangaroo Tail Tips make great chew treats for dogs. No bone and similar to a bully stick it's a leaner, more natural chew straight from the wild!


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What is Kangaroo Tail Tip?

The end section of the tail this part has no bone and is made of touch muscle dried hard.

What dogs are they suitable for?

Any dog will enjoy our tail tips however we do recommend this product more for dogs that love to chew and best to avoid for dogs that like to swallow treats without chewing. For younger dogs or smaller breeds we advise only giving them a small portion per day.

Why All Barks?

We give your dogs a taste of Australia with our superior 96 hour air-drying method that optimises the nutritional benefits of our raw product using a heat & cooling technique to assist in giving your dog’s health a natural boost. We sustainably source our ingredients from licensed establishments and are government certified for peace of mind. Moreover, We only use 100% Australian ingredients and we guarantee no antibiotics, fillers, preservatives or chemicals are added. We care about what we do and love providing your dog with the best natural, Australian dog treats.

Ingredients: 100% Kangaroo tail tips

Kangaroo Tail Tips