It’s time to get your dogs get stuck into our delicious range of natural dog treats and experience what benefits the Aussie outback & pure waters can offer!

All Barks dog treats gives your dog a taste of Australia with our superior 96 hour air-drying method that optimises the nutritional benefits of our raw product using a heat & cooling technique to assist in giving your dog’s health a natural boost.

We sustainably source our ingredients from licensed establishments and are government certified for peace of mind. We only use 100% Australian ingredients and we guarantee no antibiotics, fillers, preservatives or chemicals are added.


Australian kangaroo meat is among the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable red meats in the world. Kangaroos are not farmed but harvested from the wild. The Australian government reviews it's environmental audit annually to assess the population numbers.

We only supply the highest quality of meat and carefully inspect every order that leaves with the highest quality control. We specialise in Red Kangaroo and Eastern Grey Kangaroo from Queensland, Australia. 

We hold a native Export Wildlife Permit #PWS2018-AU-002688 for the legal export of kangaroo meat for human consumption and pet grade. This certification guarantees that our meat only comes from legal sources.

Having been in the industry since 2012 & established relationships in the Australian meat industry for over 20 years, we consider our team experts in this field and are passionate about every product we make. Our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia and have international offices and supply chains in London, Spain, USA, China and the Philippines.

The meat is responsibly sourced from the open range environment where kangaroos graze on the natural pastures and foliage of the Australian bush.Our kangaroo is sustainably sourced from over 15 million open-range Outback acres and then processed at our licensed facilities around Australia.

It is the ultimate open range meat and is environmentally friendly and a sustainable source of protein. Kangaroo meat is currently exported to over 40 countries around the world and is continuing to grow.


• Leanest source of protein versus beef, lamb and pork

• Rich in Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and B12

• Allergen free*

• Contains less than 2% fat

• Environmentally friendly

• Excellent for digestive system

• Guaranteed no preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics or added hormones.


We have partnered up with North Coast pets based in OH, USA to distribute our kangaroo dog treats to customers across the US. Our website shows the products we have to offer and if interested you will be directed to their website to make your order. This means we can reduce costs on products, shipping and turnaround time with orders dispatched daily. To view our range and buy now please click here to be re-directed to north Coast Pets website.


My story begins as a roving Londoner who fell in love with Australia, my now wife Lauren and then with a Siberian Husky called Tintin in roughly that order. It became obvious to me that the premium quality meats, fish and veggies here in Australia were as ideal for the nutrition, health and general welfare of our beloved dogs as they were for their fortunate owners. I wanted to find out what precisely were the best ingredients for your dog’s health and what were the best ways of preparing the food so the nutrients were locked in. Finally it was important to us at All Barks to ensure all our ingredients were sustainably sourced and humanely and ethically managed to give you an Australian dog treat brand you can trust.

First, the ingredients. We use kangaroo for the simple reason that it’s the best lean meat available in our opinion! Being WILD we can guarantee its hormone free, lean and rich in nutritional benefits. It’s packed full of antioxidants, omega 3’s and B12 vitamin and is also the most non-allergenic meat dogs can eat, making it perfect for those sensitive stomachs and for our furry friends prone to allergies.

We also offer a unique selection of premium Australian meat, fish and vegetables which provides your best mate the most essential vitamins, iron & omega 3/6’s. They are terrific for both training and rewards. As a premium pet food provider, All Barks has carefully curated a menu of Australian ingredients such as beef, kangaroo, whitefish and sweet potato.

Talking about preparation brings me to our specialised 96 hour drying method that optimises the nutritional benefits of our raw product. Our superior heat & cooling technique is proven to increase your dog’s health. The science is simple. The duration and manner of the method works to keep the essential nutrients locked into the food. Finally it is important to let you know for peace of mind that we only source our raw product from licensed establishments and that they are government certified. Our products are 100% Australian and we guarantee no antibiotics, fillers, preservatives or chemicals are added.

Australia is an amazingly beautiful country set in the perfect environment with pristine waterways, oceans and bush (what you probably call internationally as forest). In essence, All Barks gives your dog a Taste of Country Australia. Not only do I know it’s good for your best mate but he or she will let you know that it tastes great as well.

All the best, James Newman, founder, dog owner, dog lover.